What’s That: Personalized Marketing

System… Human-being can only survive under a particular order. The orders have continuously evolved and ultimately transformed. All modernization processes are depend on two characters of the circle of life; destruction and creation

What is the relationship personalized marketing and these interpretations?

The current system which is result of rationalist movement or counter-attack movement against scholastic thought has generated its composition: exploration of human-being and exploration of nature.

Exploration of human-being has evolved into individualism within the socialization processes and social systems. Therefore, all trading implementations has began to change their structures in order to comply with evolved systems. Also, this attitude triggers the change itself. Today, marketing has began to give importance to being customer-oriented.

Personalized marketing means one-to-one marketing, which sending individualized messages and product offerings to customer/ prospective customer through digital tech and advancements in data collection, analysis, and processing.


Provide ; trusty, familiarity, loyalty, improved customer experience, efficiency, réputation.

Personalized marketing is a kind of friendship offer, which concerns optimization of all trading processes. 


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