What’s That: Branding

What is definition of brand? What is the scope of brand? Why brand? What are the changes which have evolved composition of brand? Why has concept of branding became crucial point for marketing staff?

Branding has gained importance especially through deepining commodity fetishim. Brands have evolved their image into personal features. Brand managers and strategy teams have tried to build brand identity which have real faces– have individual, emotional and behavioral reality. Consumers have had tendency about internalization of “things”, namely meta and about expressing themselves through images of meta.


Therefore, the branding has gained power in the processes of all trading circle.

Branding explores  the feature of brand, position of brand and it determines both appearance and discourse of all components of brand. For example, it says  “This is what I am. This is why I exist.” It does not have any kind of sale’s goals, but its identity pulls consumer and brings about sale. For instance, store environment and atmosphere,staff members dress, Product packaging,Public speaking, Advertising, Public relations are seen as scope of  the branding.

The branding is implementation of differantiating a particular brand from others and of building tailor-made identity.What’s That


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