What’s That: B2B Marketing

As you know, B2B marketing is business to business marketing implementation. Companies provide the others with sourcing material for production processes or with services for working reasons or with re-sell goods or services. All of these implementations create  well-organized and extensive circle of trade.

What are the vital features of the circle of trade?
  • Small units of customers
  • Rational buyers
  • Long-term buyers
  • Complex decision-making units
  • Complex products

Any kind of identity authenticates itself through its counterpart,namely, the expression of the particular object or phenomenon is encircled by qualities and scope of its counterparts. Thus, B2B marketing generally is defined via comparison with B2C marketing or vice versa.

B2B marketing has fewer customers than B2C marketing. Thus, B2B marketing has fewer behavioral segments than B2C. Its buyers are both rational and long-term buyers.

B2B buyers are more rational, because of specific emphasis on composition of price and profit in all processes of B2B marketing.  All processes need good products, timing and good price. Actually, it is not only about the numbers, but also about some elements which are known as being part of irrationality such as  reliability, trust, emotional issues. All of them are transformed into rational framework and the management of them is so difficult under the protean environment.

The personal relationship is significant because of the small unit of customers, so customer oriented marketing logic is more developed in B2B marketing. B2B marketers try to create and pervade awareness about all processes of sales and marketing staff to make sure long-term relationship with buyers.

Motivation and functional needs of the actors of DMU have been continuously changed through both structural alteration or transformation of system/ value chain and effects as being  physiological and emotional fluctuation on decision-making processes. Therefore,  B2B markets have highly complex decision-making unit.What’s That


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